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Yu-Gi-Oh! ~ The Forbidden Season
    This is probably an odd first journal entry, but it's what's on my mind at the moment, so I guess it doesn't matter too much.
    If you've heard of Yu-Gi-Oh! (with the obligatory exclamation mark in the title, for whatever reason) then the image that probably comes to mind is the anime about the admittedly intriguing card game with all the cool monsters like Exodia and Blue-Eyes White Dragon and all the over-the-top characters saving the world by... playing that card game. What else? And yeah, that's exactly what would come to my mind as well just a few months ago. I remember watching the show a long time ago when I was a kid and really getting into it. I would buy a bunch of cards and pretend I had an inkling of an idea how to even play the game as I forced my mom to participate. Then, after a little while, I kind of just forgot about it. I gave all the cards I had collected to a friend and then I just didn't really think about it again for a few more years.
:iconusechairman:USEChairman 1 3
Mature content
The Starfall Construct :iconhazzardouseco:HazzardousEco 3 3
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The Scariest Harvest Festival
“Is it done yet, Vi?”  
Viriathus sighed as she turned to look at the small voice's source.  Despite being dirt poor orphans, the kids under Grunn's care were determined to make the most of the harvest festival.  It was the only night of the year that most were willing to just give them something for free.  To this end Vi had set up a workroom separate from the bunks to keep the small children out of her sewing supplies while she worked on their costumes.  Sadly it had failed its one intended purpose on several occasions now.  
Perhaps when the season ended she could get some peace in her workroom.  Heck, maybe she would just move in, she was practically living in there now anyway.  But for now, Vi failed to be surrounded by privacy.  “Almost Mace, just a few more stitches.”
Mace had come up with his costume idea himself, And Vi had to admit, the little tyke's creativity was impressive.  Mace's costume was simple
:iconcheesebread222:Cheesebread222 4 4
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Tightrope :iconzephyrlyall:ZephyrLyall 3 4
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Phantom of the DreamWorld
:pumpkin: :pumpkin: :pumpkin: HAPPY HALLOWEEN, EVERYBODY!!!   :pumpkin: :pumpkin: :pumpkin:

This here is my entry into the Annual DreamKeepers Halloween Contest. It's a traditional art picture heavily inspired by the Andrew Lloyd Weber Musical called "The Phantom of the Opera, based on the novel by Gaston Leroux. In this picture, The characters Bast and Lilith reenact the boat scene as the Phantom and Christine Daae respectively. I had this idea in my mind for a while now and for some reason, I just wasn't able to decide upon who would be placed in these roles. However, considering Bast's dark demeanor, Lilith's gentle nature and the fact that ships of them exist, I finally decided to use them. It also helped that the Voce Actor for Bast, Eric Shonk, in Elson Wong's Dreamkeepers Movie is also a Broadway Star XD

At first, I was worried that I would be unable to participate in this contest for a couple different reasons. One was, of course, the work load I had at college, but another, sadly, was one that took me out of it for a while. That reason, sadly, is that about a week ago, my Aunt had passed away after a long, tough battle with Breast Cancer. :(

No words can describe how much I miss her and how great of a person she was. It's been tough dealing with the grief left over from our loss, I probably still need to see someone, but now I've begun to accept it. She will always be in my heart and I hope that somewhere in heaven, she's finally found peace.

It also didn’t help that my backpack got destroyed and my computer got badly damaged in the process. Because of this, I’ve had to use multiple device’s and means to ensure that artwork like this got posted. Therefore, I apologize deeply for any quality issues whatsoever.

So anyways, here’s what I was able to create in just the span of a day. I hope y’all still like it and I also hope it’s not too late to be elligible! Feel free to comment below and tell me what y’all think. Otherwise, I hope y’all have an awesome Halloween!! =D =D

characters belong to :icondreamkeepers:, Phantom of the Opera belongs to Gaston Leroux and Andrew Lloyd Weber
Hey Guys, it's been a while. As I've continued to see people upload new and exciting things to their accounts on DA, I've also noticed something particular: people seem to categorize artwork from other users that they like. Since I would like to spruce up my own account's organization atm, I was wondering if anyone would like to help me out and show me how to create "collections" and add artwork I like to them. I would REALLY appreciate it :)
Qube Side 6
The Sixth and Final Side of the "LGBTQube", commemorating the colors of the Genderqueer Flag.
Qube Side 5
The Fifth side of the "LGBTQube", commemorating the colors of the Asexual Flag.
Qube Side 4
The Fourth Side if the "LGBTQube", commemorating the colors of the Bisexual Flag.
Greetings Friends,

This is the studious Papertop, writing his second journal entry this year with a few things to talk about this afternoon/morning; three nice news updates to go forward into the summer with:

The first of this trio is very short and simple: I'M DONE WITH CLASSES!! WHOOOT!!! Which means I can now grant myself some more time to delivering art for the enjoyment and/or criticism of you talented, benevolent watchers. Now, granted there are still a couple little assignments left as well as one final in the next few days, so this artwork I've been promising won't come just yet. But rest assured, with most of college now official over, you guys can at least expect something to arrive within that time period.

Speaking of awesome creations, this brings me to my next two updates which involve a spectacular series of comics, graphic novels, and more called DreamKeepers!! If any of you aren't aware of this franchise, I'd highly recommend you check it out and support this amazing duo for making it possible: :icondreamkeepers:.

But anyways, getting back to my second news update, for those of you who are aware of the Dreamkeepers series and haven't heard the latest new, be delighted to know that an incredible side-story and the first ever novel of the DK universe: The Wayward Astronomer, is now available on Amazon for your reading pleasure! Seeing as how a couple of my posted artwork was made in honor of said story and its awesome writer, you can probably tell I love this book, and for good reason! It's a fantastic, intriguing novel with an original plot and characters. So if you haven't already, please check out and support this amazing dude: :iconkafelnikov: and get yourself a copy of his work down in the link below. I swear, you won't regret it!! ;)…

But now I get to my third news update, which is that in the next few hours after this entry is posted, :icondreamkeepers: is going to finally launch a whole new kickstarter for a thrilling new card game pertaining to DreamKeepers called "SKIRMISH"! This game has been in development for a while and believe when I say that it will be worth your time and money if it gets full funded. So if you really like dreamkeepers and feel you can donate to an awesome project, I say "GO FOR IT!" and follow the link below to help make this game a reality!!…

And with that, my second journal entry this year is officially over. As always, thank you for taking time out of your lives to listen to me rattle on about these things and remember: Keep on doing what you love and never stop believing in yourself! Being you is the best you can be!

Now get out there and do some incredible things, you!!! ^^


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Benjamin Varner
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I'm an amateur artist who usually likes to do traditional media from time to time, recently experimenting with the knicks and crannies of digital artwork. Though I mostly seem to appreciate the arts.


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