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I did a Animation
Hey guys i did a small Animation! Go and check it out!
(i'm actually a little proud of it ^^)
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Gonna try and draw out more pictures, now that I've found a good little break in my school schedule. Brace yourselves for some fanart!
Astronaut Whip
Here's a little something I sketched yesterday for the DK discord chat's "pleb art Friday" activity. The theme was space so I quickly chose to launch the little guy into the cosmos.

Whip belongs to :icondreamkeepers:
Trying to manage DA account whenever available
Is Celebrating his 20th Birthday today!!
Working on stuffs
Is Celebrating his 20th Birthday today!!
Is Celebrating his 20th Birthday today!!
Hello Everyone (or Anyone),

This is the naïve Papertop, doing his first ever journal entry on DA. And in this entry I'll be discussing the status and future of what has been for the longest time a very unproductive, or completely inactive art account. But to better describe the future of my time here on DeviantArt, I feel that it's necessary to dive into its past. Though this account has been alive since a few years back, it's a fact that no artwork showed up until the summer of last year. That being said, the artwork that was submitted was simple "pixel art" made from Perler Beads, back when I was still getting back into making art. Despite the fact that in retrospect I perceived these creations to be "alright" at best (there are others I made beforehand but refrained from posting, might post later on), they were a good start for me in doing something art related for fun. However, after my first fall semester in the Architecture Program at Texas Tech, I've made SO MANY new things, which I'm hoping I'll get to unveil online before the end of this year. But most of all however, I also became a big reader of a fantastic comic series and franchise by David and Liz Lillie called Dreamkeepers and after getting into it I also discovered its fantastic fanbase and made some awesome new friends, friends who have renewed within me the passion to draw art as a cool hobby again.

But in the end there's still the big question: What's gonna happen to Papertop?

Well, for starts, I'm not leaving DA. With a fully renewed interest in drawing (not just design), I've been drawing a bunch of different things lately, for family and even for friends. Most of this art I'm definitely going to post here, maybe after this journal entry, so I can have some sort of artistic presence here on DA, while at the same time striving to make better and better art. I've already started experimenting with the digital medium again.

Ok, so I'm going to be drawing again, well WHAT will I be drawing exactly?

Considering that I've really become a fan of Dreamkeepers in the span of just half a year, you can expect a lot of stuff to be in regards to that. Now that doesn't mean I'll be specifically limiting myself to just that (I will draw other things too). However, most of the stuff that I've been working on will continue to work on so far involves said series and anything related to it. So if you're fan of it, I hope you enjoy what I have to dish out and if you don't know what it is, I sincerely recommend you check it out, you won't be disappointed!

And yet, despite all of what might be good news for this account there is also bad news, I regret to say...

The sad truth is, a couple days after I finish this entry I will start college again, and depending on my schedule up there, it's very possible not much will posted, or at least what I feel I'm allowed to post. Either way though, I'll still try to get art out whenever I can, because I feel art doesn't just have to be a job but could also become a hobby again for me.

Last but not least, to answer the question that maybe no one was asking. No. I'm not going to any commissions or requests from other people. I haven't drawn in a long while still and personally I don't feel I have either the time, or the necessary skill to make something worth the money for ANYONE. So, just to clear that up, nothing for now, just fanart, doodles, and anything else I'll try and post along the way.

So to conclude this interesting start to what might be several journal entries coming up later this year. I'm not giving up art, i'm going to be more active if I can, and I'm going to just have fun while I'm doing it all. With 2017 still on the horizon, there's some stuff I need to try and accomplish, and I'm just warming up... :)


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Benjamin Varner
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I'm an amateur artist who usually likes to do traditional media from time to time, recently experimenting with the knicks and crannies of digital artwork. Though I mostly seem to appreciate the arts.


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Happy slightly early birthday.
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Lol Thanks dude!
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Happy birthday dude!
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Hahaha, um I'm sorry but its not my birthday yet. It's actually next wednesday. I have no idea why Deviantart has it as March 3rd but I've been unsuccessful in changing it.
Papertop Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Thanks though
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No Problem, there's still a lot of artwork you've done that I have yet to see, but from what has been seen so far, I'd say you're def worth it, dude!
Lord-Kiyo Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017
Thanks.  Well enjoy looking through it :D
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